The advantages of manufacturers using CNC core machining

2021-03-23 14:20:12 admin

With the development of China's reform and opening up, China's industry has become increasingly vigorous. Due to the needs of the market, China's industry has gradually begun to move towards an independent path, and no longer rely too much on imported products to promote industrial development. So what are the advantages of CNC walking machines in the industrial field? As we all know, every innovation is based on breaking conventions. So, how does the CNC walking machine break the convention now?

   First of all, compared with the conventional CNC machining industry, compound machining can shorten the product manufacturing process chain and improve production efficiency. Compared with the heavy production chain in the past, compound processing has more advantages. It can complete the card loading at one time, or complete many processing procedures separately, so that the product manufacturing process chain can be shortened in a certain procedure. This kind of advantage will bring a series of advantages, the auxiliary time is less, the tooling fixture manufacturing cycle is shorter, and the operator does not have to wait for a long time as before. This kind of work efficiency will definitely be greatly improved.

Secondly, because the CNC walking machine can ingeniously reduce the number of clamping, to a certain extent, it improves the processing accuracy and avoids the accumulation of errors caused by the positioning reference. At the same time, the bar material is axially fed through the central guide sleeve, and the cutting point of the tool is close to the mouth end of the guide sleeve, which eliminates the deformation of the bar under the turning pressure of the tool, thereby improving the accuracy of the product.

   Finally, there is one of the most practical advantages regarding the issue of reducing floor space. As we all know, the continuous growth of population has brought greater pressure on land resources, and the production cost of industry has also increased. And because the production chain of the CNC walking machine is less than that of the conventional lathe, the equipment required for the product is also less, and more importantly, the area is small, and the cost of equipment maintenance is also low. Therefore, although its unit price is higher, Due to more late-stage advantages, it can also reduce the cost of production, investment, and operation management for the enterprise.