How to design a successful plastic mold?

2021-03-23 16:33:18 admin

It is closely related to mold design and manufacturing and plastic processing. The success or failure of plastic processing largely depends on the effect of mold design and the quality of mold manufacturing, plastic mold design and plastic design. Therefore, structural elements should be fully considered in the design of plastic molds, mainly:

On the parting surface, the mold is closed when it is closed and flushed with the contact surface. Its position and shape are selected by the product shape and appearance, thickness, molding method, post-treatment process, mold type and structure, mold demolding method, and structural factors of the molding machine.

Second, the pouring system, that is, the cavity from the nozzle of the molding machine to the feed channel, includes gates, shunts, gates and cold material points. Choosing the gate position should be conducive to filling the cavity, the molten plastic is in a good flow state and solid flow channel, and the cold material attached to the product by the gate is easily formed from the top of the mold and removed (hot mold).

Plastic shrinkage and various factors that affect product dimensional accuracy, such as mold manufacturing and assembly errors, mold wear. In addition, when designing compression molds and injection molds, the matching of process and structural parameters of the molding machine should also be considered. It has been widely used in plastic mold design and computer-aided design technology.

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