What are the points that need to be paid attention to for the structural design of the transparent large two-color injection molding?

2021-03-25 09:28:00 admin

The transparent and large two-color injection molding of the automobile mold is a place to be noted for structural design:

Car mould

A. The reservation of the gate position must be agreed with the mold factory in advance; automotive mold

B. The thickness of the material is recommended to use transparent 0.8mm or more, non-transparent 0.7mm or more, and non-transparent ones should be light-colored as much as possible. When there are LED lights, pay attention to shading;

C. The width of the parting surface of the transparent part is the same as that of the hole. The width is recommended to be 0.5mm. The curved surface should be connected smoothly. Avoid looking at it from the side. It can penetrate far away and is not beautiful. Minimize the hole;

D. The thickness of non-transparent parts is limited, and the upper ribs and other structures should be between 0.5-0.6mm as far as possible to avoid shrinkage;

E. At present, it is not recommended to do two-color injection molding with main lens. The cost of molds and products is too high, and there are considerable requirements for the equipment and technical level of the mold manufacturer. If it is done, the other party needs to provide a detailed solution for the entire process. For evaluation, all intermediate links need to be reviewed;

F. For large-area two-color injection molded parts, the two key tests are drop and thermal shock. In these two tests, transparent parts and non-transparent parts are easily separated. Hot and cold shock -40 -65, time 48 hours.

G. Simplify the structure of the two-color parts as much as possible, and do the complicated ones on the mating parts. The width of the ribs of the non-transparent parts should be 0.5-0.6mm as much as possible to avoid shrinkage.