How to change the properties of the contact pair between the molding material and the mold?

2021-03-23 16:39:53 admin

There is no unified selection criterion for automobile molds to reduce adhesive wear. Most of them need to rely on empirical knowledge to determine. The following are some basic measures to reduce adhesive wear. Car mould

1) Minimize the load between the contact pairs, including mechanical and thermal loads;

2) Avoid the use of metal pairs, but can use ceramic and ceramic, plastic and plastic, plastic and metal, ceramic and metal or plastic and ceramic pairing instead;

In terms of molds, by changing the mold material or surface treatment of the mold, the properties of the contact pair between the molded material and the mold are changed. Practice has shown that this is an economical and effective method to solve the strain problem, and it is also a widely used method. .