What factors does the service life of a CNC punch die depend on?

2021-03-23 18:21:16 admin

What factors does the service life of a CNC punch die depend on?

The service life of automotive mold CNC punch molds depends on factors such as reasonable mold structure, high manufacturing accuracy, good heat treatment effect of automobile molds, and correct selection of punches and mold installation accuracy of punches, as well as the correct use, maintenance and maintenance of molds. Maintenance is also a link that cannot be ignored. Auto molds should pay attention to the following points:

1. The mold should be strictly inspected before installation and use, remove the dirt, and check whether the guide sleeve of the mold and the mold are well lubricated.

2. Regularly check the turntable of the punch press and the mold installation base to ensure the coaxial accuracy of the upper and lower turntables.

3. Install the convex and concave molds on the turntable according to the mold installation procedure to ensure that the direction of the convex and concave molds is consistent, especially for molds with direction requirements (non-circular and square) to prevent incorrect installation and reverse installation.

4. After the mold is installed, check whether the fastening screws of the mold installation base are properly locked.

5. When the punch and die edge of the punch die is worn, stop using it and sharpen it in time, otherwise it will quickly expand the wear of the die edge, accelerate the wear of the die, and reduce the quality and life of the die.

6. For general molds used in mass production, there should be a backup to rotate production to ensure production needs.

7. The stamping staff should use softer metals (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) to make operating tools when installing the mold to prevent damage to the mold when knocking or smashing during the installation process.

8. Handle the mold with care during transportation, and never throw it indiscriminately, so as not to damage the cutting edge and guide of the mold.

9. After the mold is used, it should be put back to the designated position in time, and treated with oil and rust prevention.

10. To ensure the service life of the mold, the spring of the mold should be replaced regularly to prevent the fatigue damage of the spring from affecting the use of the mold.