Technical Application of New Hot Runner Flow Regulation System

2021-03-23 14:47:42 admin

Technical Application of New Hot Runner Flow Regulation System

1. Traditional issues:

Centrifugal fan blades 1 out 2 have problems with traditional production methods: serious waste of runner materials, low product qualification rate, and poor product dynamic balance. ·Using the cold runner injection method of fine nozzles, it produces a lot of waste and serious waste of raw materials; ·After the pressure is maintained, one cavity is overweight, the product qualification rate is low, and the product dynamic balance is between 0.4-0.5. After the molten plastic enters the splitter plate, due to processing errors, temperature differences of the splitter plate and other factors, there will be an imbalance in the actual production of the glue.

2. Solution:

1. The throttle valve controls the flow level of the manifold.

2. The compound movement structure of the cylinder-gear-gate sleeve controls the flow balance of the runner.

3. Technical improvement effect:

1. Hot runner to cold runner one-point spoke type glue feeding, two-cavity glue feeding is balanced, single-cavity dynamic balance is high, the weight of the nozzle of one mold is 14g, compared with the three-plate mold, it reduces the runner waste by about 50g, and passes through the cylinder-gear. -The compound motion structure of the sprue sleeve ensures that the gate is automatically cut off. The product molding cycle is shortened by 20 seconds compared with the traditional one-out-2 structure. Taking one set of molds to produce 100,000 molds as an example, it will reduce the production time of 47 shifts.

2. The dynamic balance is more stable and kept within 0.3, which is higher than Gree's 0.5 standard, and the product qualification rate is as high as 98%; the same 450T injection molding machine is used, which saves the customer's injection molding machine resources;

3. Save runner waste, and produce 100,000 products with one set of molds, which can save 4.9T of material. The new hot runner system can be used in cross-flow fan blades and other products that are difficult to solve for the glue balance, which greatly increases the output of fan blades.

4. In 2018, it was used on Gree's 2 sets of molds. For large products such as axial flow blades, a single blade has a flow imbalance problem. You can use the hot runner throttle valve to adjust on the machine to avoid repeating the machine on and off, repairing and dismantling the mold. .

5. A new type of hot runner flow regulation system, which can realize 1 out 4, 1 out 8 fan blade products

The details are as follows: