Materials that need to be prepared before plastic mold processing design

2021-03-23 18:49:39 admin

Materials that need to be prepared before plastic mold processing design

   1. Plastic mold product drawings or models

   This is the premise and basis of the design. With the widespread application of CAD and CAM, 3D models are gradually replacing original drawings with complete dimensions. What I want to mention here is to choose a CAD software with good data interface, so as to minimize the problem of information loss in the process of data exchange.

   2. Plastic mold product materials and shrinkage rate

   This is a prerequisite to ensure the correct size of plastic mold processed products. The shrinkage rate is generally provided by the plastic manufacturer, because the shrinkage rate of the same material of different manufacturers may be different.

  3. Requirements for the use of plastic mold products

   Appearance parts, matching parts, transmission parts requirements and other special shape and size requirements. This is the basis for choosing the placement direction of the plastic mold processing parts in the mold, the form and position of the gate, the position of the ejector rod, and whether there is a hot runner system and a gas-assisted system.

   4. Parameters related to the injection molding machine used in the plastic mold

  Nozzle ball diameter, nozzle diameter, tie rod inner distance, large and small mold thickness, large mold opening distance, ejector hole position, mold installation method, injection volume, clamping force.

   5. Other agreement conditions

   Number of mold cavities, mold material, injection cycle, service life, processing time, etc.