Talking about the protection and maintenance of injection molds, what should be paid attention to?

2021-03-23 15:15:33 admin

As a key production equipment of an injection molding factory, injection molds determine the appearance, specifications, models, specifications, and appearance finish of the products. The raw material of the mold is stainless steel plate, which is generally composed of a front mold and a back mold.

      1. Mold protection

       Because the mold has the characteristics of specificity, accuracy, fragility, etc., it is particularly important to carry out the safety protection of the mold. The overall combing has the following multiple levels:

     (1) Anti-rust treatment: avoid rusting caused by water seepage, condensation, rain, fingerprints, etc. in the injection mold;

     (2) Anti-slip: Avoid mold damage caused by cracking of the thimble and failure to return in time;

     (3) Deburring: Avoid mold burrs caused by cloth wiping, material punching, hand wiping, nozzle pliers touch, and knife touch;

     (4) Missing parts: avoid the mold being destroyed in the whole process of mold application due to lack of support rods, sealing rings and other parts;

     (5) Anti-pressure: avoid mold squeezing caused by mold clamping due to remaining goods;

     (6) Under-pressure protection: avoid mold damage caused by excessive working pressure of bottom pressure protection.

       Among them, the mold damage caused by cracking of the thimble, the thimble not returning in time, the residual goods in the mold, and the lack of auxiliary parts accounted for a relatively high proportion, and the occurrence was more frequent. Therefore, more than 85% of the mold damage was caused by this. Yes, and the cost of mold maintenance is generally high. Therefore, how to prevent such a situation from occurring is immediately related to the rights and interests of the injection molding processing field.

       In order to better avoid manufacturing delays caused by mold damage, and expensive maintenance costs, in addition, to better save human resources, some companies have undergone continuous scientific research and improvement, and choose machine vision technology research and development. A product was released, called "Mold Protector".

      Mold monitor, or mold protector, also known as mold electronic monitoring, can reasonably protect valuable molds. An authoritative mold expert has shown that the mold protection system software for injection molding processing, installed on the plastic machine, can immediately check whether the product meets the standard, and check whether there is residue before clamping the mold to avoid mold damage.

       When the plastic machine is in operation, every cycle time, expensive molds are likely to be destroyed due to plastic residues or the displacement of the guide rail slider. The mold protector can avoid this situation, and it will be fully automatic when abnormalities occur. Avoid closing the mold and give an alarm.

      2. Mold overhaul

   (1) When disassembling and assembling the mold, prevent knocks and watering, and move it stably;

   (2) Spray the hot mold, and then spray a small amount of release agent;

   (3) It is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the mold, and carry out anti-rust treatment to solve it, be careful to wipe off the moisture and dirt in the cavity, core, injection structure and position, and spray the mold anti-rust oil and Rub unsalted butter.

     3. Mold maintenance

     During the whole process of continuous work of the mold, because the whole process of fitness exercise is very easy to cause problems such as wear of parts, mildew of lubricating fluid, water seepage, and plastic material squeezing, mold maintenance must be carried out.

Mold maintenance is generally divided into daily maintenance and upper mold maintenance.

   (1) The daily maintenance of molds generally includes the following aspects:

      ① Anti-rust treatment on time (external shape, PL surface, mold core, core, etc.);

      ②Add lubricating fluid again on time (injection tissue, row position, etc.);

      ③Remove and replace easily worn parts (support rods, anchor bolts, etc.) on time.

    (2) The upper mold maintenance of the mold requires technical professional maintenance personnel to remove the mold, and carry out technical professional inspection and protection of the mold core and thimble.

      The above are the points that need attention in the protection and maintenance of injection mold processing. For more details, please contact us!