What are the reasons for the unstable color during the injection molding process?

2021-03-23 15:07:17 admin

The application of custom injection molding of plastic shell has been widely used, and it is very common in our lives, such as: electrical shells, as well as our usual washbasins, are all plastic, but in plastic processing At times, color instability is a common problem. The following editor will come to analyze with you, what are the reasons for the unstable color of injection molded plastic shell parts?

1. First of all, what we need to check is the temperature of the injection molding machine. The color is unstable. It is also related to the high and low temperature of the injection molding machine. Therefore, when processing the plastic injection casing, it must be checked first.

2. Sometimes the back pressure is adjusted too large, the production cycle is unstable, and the injection molding machine is turned on and off, which will cause the color to change.

3. The blender did not mix the toner and the raw materials according to the mixing process. For example, insufficient time, inconsistent feeding methods, or inconsistent feeding order resulted in uneven color distribution. This is also one of the reasons for color instability. Therefore, in plastic It is also important to check when the shell is customized for injection molding.

4. Because the humidity of the raw materials is too high, the viscosity inside has not spread, and finally the color of the plastic processing will be unstable.

5. The recycle amount of nozzle material is often less, which has a greater impact on light-colored injection molded parts.

6. The grades of raw materials are inconsistent. Since the background color of each raw material is different, the color of injection molded parts with the same toner will be different. Sometimes the same supplier, with different batch numbers of raw materials, will have some deviations in the background color. Therefore, for products with high color deviation, it is even necessary to control whether the background color of each batch of incoming materials is consistent.

7. Toner quality is too poor, not heat-resistant, or using the wrong toner that is not suitable for the raw material will make the color unstable.

The above is the reason for the unstable color in the customized injection molding of the plastic shell. For more information, please consult our official website online customer service!