What is the reason why precision injection molded housing needs to be polished?

2021-03-23 12:34:57 admin

With the development of injection molding shell in recent years, it can be better developed in the market to most directly reflect the good or bad of the industry trend. With the improvement of my country's science and technology, the precision injection molding shell technology has become more and more perfect, so it is produced. The products are also more beautiful, which is also related to the polishing process during production. The following editor will tell you why the injection molded case needs to be polished.

In our lives, precision injection molding shells are our commonly used products, and in the production of products, the use of precision injection molding shell molds is also indispensable. In terms of appearance requirements, the surface of the plastic mold cavity is often required to be mirror polished.

To make the precision injection molded case more practical, of course, the surface roughness requirements for the production of optical lenses, CDs and other molds are extremely high, so the requirements for polishing are also extremely high. Polishing not only increases the beauty of the workpiece, but also improves the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the material surface.

So polishing is a very important process for this type of mold. Different polishing techniques require different equipment. Complex polishing can polish workpieces with complex shapes and polish many workpieces at the same time to achieve high-efficiency production.

With the gradual saturation of the market, the market demand is getting smaller and smaller, and the individual requirements for products are getting higher and higher. The era of injection molding shell factories winning at low prices is gone. New technology startups have emerged. In addition to technological innovation and breakthroughs, they also have stricter quality requirements in all aspects of their products than in the past, which has also promoted the quality reform of the entire manufacturing industry.

Therefore, it is the reason why the precision injection molding shell needs to be polished. For more information, please consult our official website online customer service!