What is a mirror? How is the mirror grinder processed? (on)

2021-03-25 09:30:14 admin

1. What is mirror grinding

The surface roughness of the workpiece after grinding is Ra<0.01µm, it is as mirror-like and can be imaged clearly, so it is called mirror grinding. The flatness of the grinding plane is not more than 3µm/1000mm. The surface processing of high-precision, high-value-added parts requires mirror grinding.

2. The grinder used for mirror grinding must have the following conditions

It has high precision, rigidity and vibration reduction measures; the rotation accuracy of the grinding wheel spindle is higher than 1μm; the amplitude of the grinding wheel carriage relative to the worktable is less than 1μm; the transverse feed mechanism can be accurately moved; the worktable has no creeping phenomenon when moving at low speeds .