Why does CNC▕ machining shake the knife? How to deal with it?

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Today, we will discuss the reasons and solutions for the vibration of the knife caused by CNC in the production and processing.

Vibrating knives are often encountered in the car production process. I understand that the reasons for the vibrating knives are as follows:

First, the steel and the tool have a resonance in the whole process of cutting;

1. The cutting edge of the tool is higher or smaller than the center of the spindle bearing.

Solution: Clip a solid mandrel to clear the plan, and find that the center of the solid mandrel and the cutting edge of the tool have the same aspect ratio. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the cutting edge of the tool must be slightly higher in the case of grooving, but it is not easy to shake the knife.

Second, the setting of the spindle bearing speed ratio is unscientific.

Solution: Effectively adjust the spindle bearing speed ratio according to the strength of the production and processing raw materials and the size of the steel parts.

Third, the cutting speed setting is unscientific.

Solution: Under the standard that can ensure the surface roughness of steel parts, effectively adjust the cutting speed.


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Second, the tool has insufficient rigidity and is distorted.

First, the extension of the tool is too long, which reduces the rigidity of the tool.

Solution: dismantle and replace the knife card or dismantle and replace the anti-vibration tool bar.

Second, the stiffness of the shank is exhausted.

Solution: dismantle and replace the tool holder.



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