The quality of the finished mold is inseparable from the processing method

2021-03-23 15:29:43 admin

The quality of the finished mold is inseparable from the processing method

1. High processing accuracy: A mold is generally composed of a mold, a punch and a mold base, and some can also be a multi-piece assembly module. Therefore, the combination of upper and lower molds, combination of inserts and cavities, and module combination require high machining accuracy, and the dimensional accuracy of precision molds usually reaches m-level.

2. Complex shapes and surfaces: Some products, such as car panels, aircraft parts, toys, home appliances, etc., are composed of multiple curved surfaces, so the surface of the cavity is very complicated. Some surfaces must be processed by mathematical calculations.

3. Small batches: The development of mold production is not through mass production. In many different situations, companies often only produce one.

4. Many operations: Mold processing always requires the use of milling, drilling, drilling, tapping and threading.

5. Longer service life of repeated production molds: When the service life of a pair of molds exceeds its service life, a new mold must be replaced, so mold production is often repeated.

6. In the production of profiling mold companies, sometimes there is neither a pattern nor relevant data, and the profiling processing must be performed according to the physical model, which requires high imitation accuracy and no deformation.