Several situations of mold deformation

2021-03-23 15:39:07 admin

Several situations of mold deformation

Deformation in the processing of molds and parts is a headache, and it cannot be completely avoided. Once a mold or part is deformed during the processing process, losses will occur, and safety issues will also be caused. Or how many cases are the molds deformed?

1. The internal force changes the machining accuracy of the part. During the machining process, the part is locked by the three claws of the lathe, so that the force of the part is stable during the machining process. As time goes by, it will loosen the chuck of the lathe and make the part. The force is reduced and deformation occurs.

2. Heat treatment is easy to deform. When processing a batch of thin and small devices, heat treatment is usually carried out first. Then, if the technical staff’s knowledge is not solid, the structure and the nature of these parts are not well understood, it is easy to make the parts Bend phenomenon.

3. The elastic deformation of the parts caused by the influence of external force during the processing of the parts will often require the use of lathes and fixtures when analyzing the parts. When the two are not flat, the force will be uneven when the company fixes the parts. , The side with less force will deform differently.

improvement measures:

1. Heat treatment and deformation of the natural part, and then trim it with a cutting tool to maintain the integrity of the part.

2. Continuously improve information technology to increase the rigidity of parts.