Relevant introduction of mold processing

2021-03-23 11:56:46 admin

Relevant introduction of mold processing

Formulate time-consuming and short process procedures in a short time, be familiar with the technical level of machine tools and equipment, have a good understanding of mold processing technology, meet the complexity and special requirements of mold processing parts, can quickly confirm good processing technology, and improve processing Efficiency, confirm a reasonable small machining allowance.

Reserve the necessary machining allowance between each process to reduce the processing time of each process. Because most of the mold parts are single parts and small batches, the process cards are generally not as detailed as the batch products, but we should strive to be clear at a glance without omissions. The key processes should be given clear processing precautions, and operating instructions should be written to reduce the number of operators. The habitual time reduces processing errors.

Regarding the needs of processing fixtures and measuring tools, assistance should be planned in advance and prepared in advance. A reasonable, good process planning and reasonable heat treatment process provide preparation. Heat treatment molds, punches, and other key parts of the fixed plate have very strict requirements. At the beginning, the organization is annealed to improve workability, and after quenching, stress and deformation are eliminated.

Strict distinction The division of rough and fine processes and fine processes is determined by different heat treatment technology processes, and most of the processing enterprises after the final heat treatment pass the finishing process. The margin should be increased as much as possible to organize the students to complete in the rough machining product stage to reduce the loss of tools and the loss of electrodes and electrode wires that use electrical machining.