What is the reason for the wider use of injection molding?

2021-03-23 11:37:56 admin

What is the reason for the wider use of injection molding?

In our daily life, the toys we buy for our children, or bottles, containers and other materials need to use injection molding technology, and there are more products we don’t know are manufactured by the injection molding industry. , Why do so many products use injection molding, because it has several advantages.

1. Suitable for the production of precision products

One of the main method advantages of plastic injection molding technology is that a complex plastic precision part and assembly can be designed through easy teaching. Compared with other technology companies, you will find that the development of injection molding has the characteristics of very small tolerances. Therefore, it is also used in society to produce auto parts.

2. Freely choose from various materials

There are a large number of plastic materials that can be used in engineering plastic injection molding technology, such as anti-static, thermoplastic, and other chemical-resistant adhesives. These materials can color the master batch.

3. Reduce manufacturing costs

Injection molding is an automated process. In fact, most injection molding processing is done by machines and robots. Because injection molding is purely automated, but automation can reduce manufacturing costs, injection molding also indirectly reduces costs, and the labor force is currently decreasing, so the cost is reduced on the other hand.

4. Faster production methods

Once designed according to the customer's specifications for a given injection mold, the injection molding machine and pre-programmed, the actual molding process used to produce the parts becomes much faster. Therefore, the mold can produce more products, and the high productivity of plastic injection molding becomes effective and cost-effective.