There are more dents when machining parts, how to prevent it

2021-03-23 11:38:34 admin

There are more dents when machining parts, how to prevent it

Generally, various errors occur in the processing of precision parts or precision molds, such as shrinkage and dents are very common phenomena. If there are always dents when processing parts or molds, It is necessary to pay attention to these, the following precision parts processing manufacturers will tell you how to prevent dents during processing.

First, the situation of dents in the processing of precision parts

1. If the cooling time is short when machining precision parts, the parts will be deformed;

2. If there is insufficient internal pressure during precision mold processing, it is easy to cause deformation of the mold or parts;

3. The thickness of each part of the product is different. In this case, the overall treatment: reduce the temperature of the barrel and the mold, force cooling at the dent, fill the flow edge at the dent, and control the thickness difference of the designed product;

4. Because the place is too coarse and large, there is a depression. Method: By increasing stress and increasing residence time, depression can be reduced or even eliminated. The key depends on their depression level, manufacturer, and whether they are willing (too long stay will reduce productivity).

In summary, the main solutions to the dents that can be produced during the development of plastic injection molding are as follows:

1. Improve energy injection: pressure, speed, time and quantity, and increase back pressure to fill the mold;

2. Make the temperature fluidity of the material smoother during processing, reduce shrinkage, and appropriately increase the mold temperature;

3. The gate is arranged in the thick part of the workpiece to improve the flow conditions of the nozzle, runner and gate, and reduce the consumption of pressing material;

4. Improve mold exhaust.