Do you know the process of injection mold?

2021-03-23 11:46:54 admin

Do you know the process of injection mold?

One, draw the mold diagram

The injection mold must first be drawn. Then, when drawing, you need to draw the process drawing first, but it must meet the requirements of the model and ensure the size. If the processing is completed without other problems except for burrs, then the test mold will be similar to the mold.

2. Proofreading and drawing review

Plastic parts

Whether plastic material flow, shrinkage, weld marks, cracks, demoulding slope, etc. affect the performance, dimensional accuracy, surface quality and other requirements of plastic parts. Whether the pattern design is insufficient, whether the processing is simple, and whether the shrinkage rate of the molding material is selected correctly.

Forming equipment

The injection volume, injection pressure, and clamping force are sufficient. In the installation of the mold, the plastic part of the core is released. Whether there is a problem, the ejector nozzle and the muzzle are in normal contact.

3. Modification

Before repairing the mold, a serious analysis should be studied according to the actual situation of the defective plastic parts to determine the reasons for the defects of the plastic parts in the remedial measures. Due to changes in easy molding conditions, the general approach is to change molding conditions. Changes in molding conditions do not solve this problem. Consider before repairing the mold.

Fourth, organize data and archive

Start designing the mold until the mold is successfully processed and inspected, and the technical data generated during this period according to the regulations, such as assignments, drawings, technical specifications, mold assembly drawings, mold parts drawings, base drawings, mold design instructions, inspection record sheets , Repair mold records, etc. for systematic sorting, binding, numbering, filing.. This seems very troublesome, but it is very useful to repair molds and design new molds in the future.