5 knowledge points about injection molds

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5 knowledge points about injection molds

The injection mold is a combined plastic mold used for pressing and injection molding. It mainly includes a variable cavity mold composed of a combined substrate, a mold component and a combined card, and a variable core mold composed of a combined substrate and mold component. A mold combination card , A die-cutting part and a side-cut combination board. With the coordinate changes of the punch, die and auxiliary forming system, it can process series of plastic parts of different shapes and sizes.

1. Synthetic resin is the main component of plastic, and its plastic content is usually 40% to 100%. Due to the large content, the performance of the resin often determines the properties of the plastic, so people are often synonymous with plastic resin. For example, polyvinyl chloride resin is confused with polyvinyl chloride, and phenolic resin is confused with phenolic resin. In fact, resin and plastic are two substances. The raw material resin is a pure polymer, which is not only used to make plastics, but also paints, adhesives and synthetic materials. In most plastics containing 100%, in addition to the main component of the resin, the addition of the plastic resin is very small, but other substances need to be added.

2. The plasticizer can improve the plasticity and flexibility of the plastic, reduce the brittleness, and make the plastic easy to process and shape. Plasticizer is a high-boiling organic compound that can be mixed with resin, is non-toxic, odorless, photoperiod, and thermally stable. It is most commonly used in phthalates. For example, in the production of PVC plastics, if more plasticizers are added, soft PVC plastics can be obtained, and if the amount of plasticizers is not added or smaller (the dosage is less than 10%), rigid PVC plastics can be obtained. PVC plastic.

3. It is used to prevent the synthetic resin from being decomposed and destroyed by light and heat in processing and use, and it is a stabilizer with a long life to add a stabilizer to the plastic.

4. Colorants Colorants can make plastics have various bright colors. Colorants are generally organic and inorganic dyes.

5. When the plastic is molded, the lubricant is used to prevent the plastic from sticking to the metal mold, and the plastic surface is smooth and beautiful.