These reasons can affect the effect of injection mold molding

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These reasons can affect the effect of injection mold molding

The technicians of injection molds need to have rich injection molding experience. Only by mastering this technology can the quality and effect of the finished product reach the ideal appearance. In the processing of injection molds, these factors and the relationship between injection molds need to be considered. , Such as the pressure, filling time, speed and temperature need to be clear; and also to know the gate area, the length and width of the object and the quality of the filling material, but also need to understand the changes after molding, many factors determine whether the finished product can be Make customers happy,

Among the factors related to the plastic products of the injection mold, accuracy is the key to meeting the quality requirements obtained, so whether the mold processing is reasonable is inseparable from the quality of the finished product. Since the mold cavity size is determined by the shrinkage of the plastic product used to have the required size of the material, and the shrinkage value is usually recommended by the manufacturer of the plastic or plastic manual range, it is not only the grid mold form, but also The location and distribution of the openings, but also the crystal orientation (anisotropy) of engineering plastics, the shape of the plastic products, the distance and the size of the location of interest to the grid. The main factors affecting shrinkage include heat shrinkable plastic phase and shrinkage, shrinkage direction, compression shrinkage and elastic recovery, and these factors are related to the molding conditions or operating conditions of the precision of injection molded products.

Because the injection mold process is a process from solid (powder or pellet) to liquid (melt) and solid (product). Precision mold processing, from granular material to melt, and then from melt to product, must undergo the effects of temperature field, flow field and density field.

The analysis of these internal links is of great significance to the rational formulation of injection molding process, rational design and manufacture of molds, and even rational selection of injection equipment. Precision injection molding and ordinary injection molding have differences in injection pressure and injection rate.