Four points to pay attention to when mold injection molding

2021-03-25 09:06:14 admin

Four points to pay attention to when mold injection molding

Injection molding is a kind of injection processing method. Compared with other processing, the injection molding method is faster, more efficient, and easier to operate. However, there are several issues that need to be paid attention to. Let me tell you about it now.

1. To prepare for the design stage, the plastic injection molding process should first determine what kind of injection molding should be performed. At the beginning of injection molding, if the customer has a set of drawings designed by himself, he must adjust it slightly according to the customer's drawings and communicate with the customer carefully to ensure that both parties agree.

At the same time, the description and technical requirements, production output, sample size, surface roughness, volume and quality were used to collect relevant information and sorted out injection design data, molding process, molding equipment, processing and special processing data.

2. First determine the injection molding method and then determine which accommodation method to use, and list the production quantities.

3. Calculation of the plastic injection molding design process, such as the calculation of the working dimensions of the die and punch parts, the determination of the thickness of the die wall and bottom plate, and the determination of the mold heating and cooling system.

4. At the same time, the issues to be considered are the service life of plastic injection molding, whether the customer has put forward the requirements, and how to meet the customer's requirements, including the number of injections, the drawing of the mold structure assembly drawing and the construction drawing of the parts.