Punching die

Punching dieWhat causes problems when machining molds?Mold processing is a technology. A little carelessness in the process can easily damage the mold and cause deformation, which will increase the co

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Punching die

Punching die

What causes problems when machining molds?

Mold processing is a technology. A little carelessness in the process can easily damage the mold and cause deformation, which will increase the cost. So what are the reasons for the distortion?

1. Mould

In the mold processing and customization process, basically if this happens, it may be that the position of the door is inappropriate or insufficient, or the position of the product with an uneven top.

2. Technology

With more and more technical elements, for example, considering the longitudinal lines, or considering the processing of particularly high temperature and high injection pressure in mold customization, there are other injections in this case, relatively long holding time, cooling The time is short. Good manufacturers basically bring us more protection processes from the existing situation. If you really want to perform custom processing, then we must consider additional processing issues to a certain extent Above, these actual processes take into account this situation with more powerful processing systems and processing equipment, so it can continue to apply.

Three, raw materials

When all raw materials are actually processed, they will directly affect the final cleanliness of some problems, which will lead to the deformation of the entire social product of the company. Because when the raw materials are reworked, if they are not clean enough, or their cleanliness is different in the mold processing and customization process, there may be certain errors in the processing and production process. Even if the product is small, it will have a series of environmental impacts on the original processing technology. Therefore, they are very important that the cleanliness of raw materials is very important to improve the follow-up work of the entire processing. This must be noted, because people often do not have these small errors that will determine the ultimate success or failure of the entire mold processing.

Fourth, product design

Each product in the mold processing design has its own design style, such as different molds, because they are dealing with different requirements, so their product design requirements are different, but because the design requirements of different products are different when the processing is different , So that the overall product processing thickness or part of the design will be different, so the prominent thickness change is more reasonable, so in this case, consider the product structure.